We are a progressive firm offering traditional architecture services for a variety of project types ranging in value from $1M to more than $50M. We offer our expertise in site feasibility, site planning approval, architectural design and construction administration for Institutional, Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects. We specialize in Seniors Retirement Residences, Long-Term Care Residences, Automotive and Mixed -Use projects.


Our practice of Architecture is about confidently assisting clients to realize their building project goals through delivery of designs that consider aesthetics and economics while remaining functional, safe, durable and sustainably constructed. AWAI takes a cooperative approach involving our clients with Builders, Engineers, Surveyors, Landscape Architects, Planners technical experts and many other specialist consultants as needed to fully describe, prove and construct the work. As such, our projects appear as diverse as the people we work with. Each one a unique solution to a specific location, program, budget and cultural environment.


Architecture and Urban Design are an important combination for us. We are trained to regard them together as one continuous whole, both building and place. The one deeply focuses on the individual domain of a single site. The other on the collective built environment shared with streets, parks, public boulevards and neighbouring structures. Our Urban Design service acknowledges that all architecture has a public component that contributes to the general quality of life in the built environment.


Municipal and Regional Planning approval is required for most proposed developments. This process is separate from conventional building permit applications and often takes many months to resolve before building permit applications can be made. The issues are many. They can include civil engineering for storm water management and sanitary capacity, landscape design, grading/drainage, traffic/transportation engineering, geotechnical studies, soil contamination and hydrological studies, acoustic reports, land severance for road widenings, waste management, site lighting and electric power transformation, wind impact studies, fire prevention response, zoning variances and urban design consideration along with architectural designs. The process is similar in each municipality, but the solutions are unique to each project.

Navigating the course of planning approvals is a large part of our expertise. It comes from years of engaging with local and regional authorities and in developing coordinated solutions along with our engineering colleagues. Experience with planning approvals has lead us to better strategic thinking at the outset of projects that adds value to our professional service.


Our experienced team of architectural technologist work closely with our architects to create high-quality images that test concepts from inception to detailed design. This leads us to thorough working drawings for review in compliance with Building Code Regulations and to Construction Contract Drawings & Specifications.

We have found that strong technical presentation of a project not only benefits our understanding of the work, but computer modeling and rendering, in particular, helps our clients and government authorities to quickly understand the concepts. This has proven to facilitate agreement and approval.

Our modelers have over 40 years of experience and training in in architecture, urban design and interior design.

Although our team is actively using the latest technologies in architecture, such as CAD, Revit, 3D modeling and 3D printing we still know the power of a pen or pencil sketch to rapidly communicate ideas.